Next UHBC meeting: Monday 26th February 2018 19:30 GKT
(Location TBC)
Please see Bumps 2018 confirmed dates and confirmed updated constitution.
Minutes of AGM 2.10.17


Winter Regatta - Sunday 21st January 2018

       Captains and coxes please look at the competitors instructions

Timetable v3 published 18.1.18

Please be aware that there is a risk of increased fluvial flow; this may affect the scheduling of races.
Weather forecast currently WSW gusts and plenty of rain. Please dress up properly for the conditions. 

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previous officers
2017-18: Danielle Wilcock, Catharine Taube, James Lee, Ayush Joshi (GKT)
2018-19: (BL)

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Regattas 2009 onwards
Head race
Bumps 1980 onwards

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Events are based at the University of London Boathouse, 81 Hartington Road, Chiswick, London W4 3TU 
President: Dr J Mitchell

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UHBC is the organising committee for a number of events based at ULBH which welcome all students from organisations within the University of London and Imperial College.
Some events are open to all (e.g the head race) whilst several (including the headship in the Bumps races) are 'closed' to those who are eligible (see membership in the

Origins of UHBC

The United Hospitals Boat Club comprises the boat clubs of the five current medical schools in London and the Royal Veterinary College:
These are: Royal Free & University College (RUMS); St Bartholomews & the Royal London (BL); Guys, Kings & St Thomas's (GKT); Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM); St George's (SGH) and Royal Veterinary College (RVC).
RUMS, BL, GKT, SGH and RVC are within the confederation of the University of London and ICSM is within Imperial College.
RUMS, BL, BL, SGH and ICSM boat from the University of London Boathouse, Hartington Lane, Chiswick, London W4.
GKT is the racing name for UHBC eligible crews from Kings' College London (KCL), who boat from Tideway Scullers SC.
RUMS is part of UCL; BL is part of Queen Mary; GKT(KCL) is part of KCL.

Historical notes:
ICSM was formed by the merger of Charing Cross (red blades) & Westminster (white with portculis) and St Mary's Hospital BC (white with fleur-de-lys);
GKT was formed by the merger of Guys (navy blue blades) and St Thomas's (white, blue and red defined by diagonal lines); to form the United Medical and Dental School (UMDS); then merged with Kings.
RUMS was formed by the merger of Royal Free (yellow blades) with University College Hospital (blue) and Middlesex Hospital.
BL was formed by the merger of Barts (black and white, a chevron countercharged) and the London (blue with white checks).

The United Hospitals Boat Club was formerly known as United Hospitals Rowing Club or United Hospitals RC.

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