UHBC/ULBC Regattas 
November 2016 - January 2017
Held between ULBH and MAABC
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The UHBC regatta season is perversely held in the winter months; in a bid to fit in with the academic calender.
There are two events organised by UHBC and a third organised by ULBC; all three events have the same arrangements.

Captains must ensure that they only enter competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race.  Captains must ensure that their crews must follow the standards for safety set out on the British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, and particularly the requirement at section 2.1 to wear personal floatation devices where competitors cannot demonstrate the ability to meet the swimming standard or there is a medical problem which presents a risk that the competitor may become unconscious or immobile. The weather in November, December and January can be wet and cold!           

UHBC Novice Regatta 3.12.16: times (GMT):                                            

Marshals meeting                               08:00

Low water at Kew Pier                        12:51

High water at Kew Pier                       16:49

Times of races:          

On ebb stream between                     09:00 13:50

On flood stream between                  14:10 15:30

Sunset                                                  15:53              

ULBC Allom Cup 11.12.16: times (GMT):     

Marshals meeting                               08:30

Low water at Kew Pier                        07:43

High water at Kew Pier                       11:46

Times of races:          

On flood stream between                   09:30 11:20

On ebb stream between                     12:15 15:20

Sunset                                                  15:52

UHBC Winter Regatta 22.1.17: times (GMT):

Marshals meeting                               09:30

High water at Kew Pier                       09:45

Low water at Kew Pier                        18:02

Times of races:          

On ebb stream between                     10:30 16:00

Sunset                                                  16:33              

 The time of low water is NOT the same as that at which the stream changes from ebb to flood (the stream usually changes AFTER low water and the delay increases with excess land water (fluvial flow). Likewise the time of high water may FOLLOW the change from flood to ebb in situations where there is excess land water).


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