PLA fluvial flow flag at PLA website

Kew Road Bridge - all competitors must pass through the centre span

The recirculation pattern in the marshalling area is: 

Crews marshalling alongside Isleworth Ait: proceed in a loop up to Richmond lock, turn, downriver to the downriver end of Ilseworth Ait, then turn. Do NOT go downriver of the bend at the Pink Lodge. 

Crews marshalling alongside the Middlesex wall downriver of the Pink Lodge: turn at the Pink Lodge, proceed downriver to the Syon crossing, turn to Middlesex. Do NOT go past the Pink Lodge.




United Hospitals Head Race 
Sunday 4th March 2018


Syon Park Pavillion (Pink Lodge) to  
MAABC (c4000m)

Two divisions at 10:10 and 12:00
Please note division times have been moved slightly earlier

2018 start order v4A 2.3.18 
Competitors' instructions

Weather warning - we are monitoring the forecasts. Given that all competitors will be boating from their own boathouse we will leave the go/no-go decision until Saturday morning.

Please monitor this website and the social media after about 12:00 on 3.3.18 for an update

Update Friday 2.3.18 - effectively no change; in theory the forecast looks acceptable but we need to assess on Saturday morning





Open/Senior college (1st boats)


8o, 4+

8o, 4+

Novice (Intermediate)**

(In line with BUCS criteria)



Novice (Beginner)**

(Whole crew [excepting cox] has less than two academic terms rowing experience)



** All coxes must have a minimum of 30 hours Tideway experience
# Other classifications will be added in line with BR rules as needed


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