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Special message to non-competing crews
ALL oared boats (not just competitors) need to follow the revised crossing arrangement going upstream
See PLA events calender:
Please follow officials' advice (when present). We will have officials at the revised crossing and the PLA mooring during the period that the revised arrangements are in place (if there are no officials in attendance please use the normal navigation rules).
EXTERNAL CREWS - we only have the revised navigation arrangements in place for the marshalling phase and the actual race (there is a considerable time between each race when there are no crews there and the navigation reverts to normal)
If you have been asked to take the revised crossing at Brentford Lock by the race official stationed by the moored boat with the black and white arrows; then there will be a further official at the PLA mooring to assist your safe passage in this area.


There is a large crane moored at the PLA moorings, which is likely to remain in place during the races. It is unlikely that this will be moved before the event. It is unlikely that crews will be able to pass between the mooring and the wooden post as usual ('red' route shown below).
It is possible that crews will be able to pass between the wooden post and the Middlesex bank with care for the first division each day ('yellow' route shown below) but it is probably unlikely that any crew will be able to pass behind the post for the subsequent divisions. Please follow the marshal's instructions at this point and take great care.
It will probably be necessary to move carefully out in front of the moored crane to move round it for the second and third divisions ('blue' route shown below).
Please note that this applies to all oared boats, not just competitors.

Bumps_big_crane_in_the_rain_2017_IMG1319 PLA_mooring_navigation
United Hospitals BC Bumps races - marshaling & course diagrams 2018





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