Please boat on time. There will be congestion at ULBH.

Please note marshalling arrangements for crews in second section of each division (highest crew number towards Richmond Lock in each section)

If crews need to keep warm once in the marshalling area: crews upriver of the Syon Park Pavillion (alongside Brentford Ait) please go upriver towards the lock and do not proceed below crew 1 position. Crews marshalled downriver of the Syon Park Pavillion please turn and proceed in a loop downriver, do not pass the bend.

Please note boating schedule and time penalties for lateness (1 second for each minute)

Please note the contingency plan for shortening the course or changing the marshalling arrangements - see the foot of this page


 United Hospitals Head Race 2017 course maps

Updated 16.2.17










Please note that any crews returning to Quintin/MAA should follow the usual local rules
and proceed through Chiswick Bridge and then turn to Middlesex and proceed on the Middlesex side.




The following changes may be implemented if required according to the conditions following approval by the Chief Umpire.


The following are the most likely changes:

  1. Avoid using one or other marshalling area (alongside Isleworth Ait or the Middlesex bank downstream from Syon Park Pavilion) and require all boats to marshal in the same area, Crews may then start at the usual starting point or further downriver as determined by the CU. Officials will stay in the usual positions.
  2. Start the race downriver of Brentford Lock. Crews will either marshal line astern in numerical order along the Surrey wall in the inshore zone immediately above the start in accordance with CPRT (without obstructing the inshore zone), or if needs be, be turned on arrival in the start area (without marshalling or waiting on the Surrey side) and started immediately without reference to the start order. If crews are started immediately on arrival then the starter needs to ensure that the UL crossing is carefully monitored to reduce the risk of conflict between racing crews and crews going to the modified start or returning from the finish. Launch officials 1-4 and the safety launch will move downriver.





  1. Finish the race at ULBC. Crews returning to ULBC will turn immediately to the Middlesex side (in accordance with standard practice in the Ladies’ division in the Bumps) and those returning to TSSC will proceed downriver taking care through any difficult conditions. Officials will broadly stay in the usual positions.




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