***Weather warning - we are monitoring the forecasts. Given that all competitors will be boating from their own boathouse we will leave the go/no-go decision until Saturday morning.

Please monitor this website and the social media after about 12:00 on Saturday 3.3.18 for an update

Update Thursday 1.3.18 - effectively no change; in theory the forecast looks acceptable but we need to assess on Saturday morning***

Please boat on time.
There will be congestion at ULBH. Follow the boating schedule.

TIME PENALTIES - one second for each minute of lateness (passing the start line going upriver)

Each division has two sections.
Please note marshalling arrangements for crews in second section of each division (highest crew number towards Richmond Lock in each section)


If crews need to keep warm once in the marshalling area: crews upriver of the Syon Park Pavillion (alongside Brentford Ait) please go upriver towards the lock and do not proceed below crew 1 position. Crews marshalled downriver of the Syon Park Pavillion please turn and proceed in a loop downriver, do not pass the bend.

Please note the contingency plan for shortening the course or changing the marshalling arrangements
- see the foot of this page


 United Hospitals Head Race 2018 course maps

The picture shows the start time line











Please note that any crews returning to Quintin/MAA should follow the usual local rules
and proceed through Chiswick Bridge and then turn to Middlesex and proceed on the Middlesex side.




The following changes may be implemented if required according to the conditions following approval by the Chief Umpire.


Shortening the course to start downriver of Brentford Lock – Map A





1.       This will be directed by the CU following the course inspection immediately prior to the crews boating. Race control will inform all officials and crews that have yet to boat; waterborne officials will inform crews already on the water.

2.       The exact position of the start line will depend on where the rough water is and will be determined by the CU. The position must not conflict with the proper navigation of other boats and it must be sufficiently far above the restricted zone in order to allow for proper navigation of competing boats in the in-shore zone (which must not stop in the RZ).

3.       Crews will either marshal line astern in numerical order along the Surrey wall in the inshore zone immediately above the start in accordance with CPRT (without obstructing the inshore zone), or if needs be, be turned on arrival in the start area (without marshalling or waiting on the Surrey side) and started immediately without reference to the start order.

4.       If crews are started immediately on arrival then the starter needs to ensure that the UL crossing is carefully monitored to reduce the risk of conflict between racing crews and crews going to the modified start or returning from the finish.

5.       Launch officials 1-4 and the safety launch will move downriver.

Shortening the course to finish at ULBH – Map B


1.       This will be directed by the CU on initial inspection of the course (the affected area will be visible from ULBH) and all officials will be informed at the time of the initial briefing (unless the conditions change during the course of the ebb, in which case race control will inform all relevant officials and the marshalling team will inform the crews directly).

2.       The finish time tine will be at the downriver end of ULBH in the same position as the Bumps women’s race finish.

3.       Crews returning to ULBC will turn immediately to the Middlesex side (in accordance with standard practice in the Ladies’ division in the Bumps) and those returning to TSSC will proceed downriver taking care through any difficult conditions.

4.       Officials will broadly stay in the usual positions.


Running the race on the flood stream – Maps C1 & C2


1.       This will be determined in advance of race day and will need to be agreed with the PLA as the race will be outside the event times shown on the PLA calendar.

2.       It is likely that there will be significant fluvial flow and there would need to be a review of competitors to ensure that only competent crews compete. This will reduce the number of competitors and it would only be possible to run a single division without doubling up.

3.       The start time for the race would be 90 minutes prior to high water in order to ensure that the whole course has the flood direction stream.

4.       The exact arrangements will be confirmed by the CU to all coxes at a briefing immediately prior to the race, and to all officials.

5.       The marshalling area will be the Middlesex side between MAABC and UL (this will accommodate at least 30 boats); crews will assemble in reverse numerical order (lowest number nearest Chiswick Bridge). See map C1.

6.       The start will be at the White Crane on the Mortlake Reach.

7.       Boats will adhere to CPRT throughout; with the following:

a.       As and when it is safe to do so competitors may overtake in the restricted zones

b.       As and when it is safe to do so competitors may follow the racing line.

8.       The finish will be at the usual start time line downriver of Syon Park Pavilion, sufficiently far away from the corner to allow crews to stop and turn to Middlesex before the Pavilion. See map C2.

9.       Crews will proceed back from Syon Park Pavilion in accordance with CPRT.





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