United Hospitals BC

Minutes of meeting held on 12th May 2014 at CXH


JM, UHBC captains, representatives of the 6 constituent clubs


Times of races: the third race of each day will be moved earlier by 15 minutes on both days.

Entries – received by the time of the meeting:

·         SGH: 3M, 3W

·         BL: 4M, 3W.

·         ICSM: 4M + phoenix for all races,3W + phoenix for last race on Sunday.

·         GKT: 1M + juniper for all races, 1W.

·         KCL: 1M, 1W.

·         RUMS: 3M, 3W + alumni (name TBC) for last race on Sunday.

·         RVC: 2M + mixed alumni (name TBC) for all races, 3W.

·         UCL: 2M – races TBC.

It was confirmed that all clubs have now paid their BR affiliation fee for 2014-15.

There was a discussion about the seeding positions for the non-UH eligible crews.

The President will prepare the start order in the next few days.

·         Invoices for crews as detailed going out by the weekend.

·         Clubs to confirm whether alumni crews want party entry.


Course: it was confirmed that due to work on Chiswick Bridge (Middlesex arch) that the men’s course will be shortened for this year only to the White Crane.

Crews completing the men’s course will then need to turn to Middlesex (for this year only) to access ULBH. Men’s crews bumping out earlier will turn at ULBH as usual.

Crews from TSSC will need to carefully consider the best route for accessing the Surrey in-shore zone against the stream. The technically correct route would involve two turns, one around the Ship Inn buoy. GKT/KCL to review this in conjunction with advice from TSSC in due course.


Facilities: Confirmed marquee at ULBH. Launch availability discussed (at least one per club) with petrol. Megaphones via TRRC, radios via supplier used last year. Extra klaxons ordered.



·         Clubs to supply names, numbers, and email addresses for all marshals.

·         Marshalling roster to be sent out ASAP.

·         All marshals to attend first marshalling meeting of the day ON TIME.

·         Clubs to supply launches and petrol as detailed at meeting.

·         All marshals to access and read the instructions on the UHBC website


Coxes: all need to access and read the instructions on the UHBC website, including reference to line astern navigation at Kew and the impact of the Chiswick Bridge works.


·         Marquee goes up on Friday.

·         Security starts at 6:30.

·         DJ to start 8:00 – 9:00.

·         Party to finish and UL to be vacated by 12:00 – 12:30.

·         Jelly pit confirmed.

·         Food confirmed.

·         Will investigate bouncy castle.

·         Absolutely no glass on site.


·         RVC to supply names of UH captains for 2014 – 2015.

·         Race dates for next year TBC by the President


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