United Hospitals Boat Club Meeting  - Minutes

Date: 12th October 2015

Time: 7:30pm

Meeting number: 1

Meeting facilitators:

-UH President: Jerry Mitchell

-UH Captains: Laura Cousins, Thomas McLay, Alasdair Williamson


I Present: UH President, UH Captains, BLBC (Pritesh Varsani); Brunel (Adrian Gurney); GKT/KCL (Lucy Leach, Alice Meakes); ICSMBC (Rob Bennett, Sophia von Widekind, Luke Reader, Morgan Hughes, Aziz Younes, Shannon O’Floim, Ruth Bloxam) RUMSBC (Eimear McKavanagh, Tom Morgan, Will McCaughran) RVCBC (Ian Firth) SGHBC (Tom Borthwick, Emma Knight) UCLBC (Tamsin Howard, Charlotte Booth, Rishi Amand).

II Apologies: LSEBC, QMBC

III Open issues:

Handover of UH captaincy from RVC to RUMS

-All present acknowledge the smooth transfer of UH captaincy from RVCBC to RUMSBC for 2015/16

JM thanked the outgoing captains from RVC.

Finances 2014/15

-Novice regatta, Winter regatta both made slight surplus

-Bumps made an overall loss due to poor level of entries on the Friday despite the party

- UH dinner broke even

-not looking for massive profits but need a financial cushion for bad years

-overall year profit – around £150, half of which will go to RVC

Confirmation of race dates 2015/16

-Most dates already set because had to get winter dates to the PLA by August

-Novice regatta: Saturday 28th November with low water at 12.30 so most of the race will be on the flood with the starting part on the ebb

-Marshall’s meeting currently set at 8.30am

Intermediate (i.e. no BR points) and Novice (<3 terms experience) events will be offered this year

Non-UH eligible clubs welcome to enter.

-Allom Cup: Sunday 6th December

-High water at Kew is at 10.30 so most of the race will be on the ebb

-Marshall’s meeting currently set at 8am

-Winter regatta: Sunday 24th January

Senior, Intermediate and Novice events; non UH-eligible clubs welcome to enter

-UH Head: Sunday 6th March – later than usual and not near the BUCS head but is the day after WeHORR – with the hope that this will maximise entries

-also want to encourage 4+ category, especially for women, to compensate

-and would like to encourage non UH-eligible clubs to enter

UH bumps dates discussion

First race has to be three hours after high water hence the options, also want to run on 2 days rather than 3 for cost, and want them to be viable for preclinical exams

-The four options are:

-14-15th May –Barts can do, RUMS, ICSM and SGH cannot do

-20-22nd May – RUMS can do, ICSM can do, Barts cannot, SGH can

-28-29th May – RUMS prefer, GKT cannot do, ICSM cannot, Barts prefer, SGH can

-3-5th June – ICSM can do, not convenient for RVC, RUMS cannot, SGH can

-as yet still undecided but will be either 20-22nd or 28-29th May. Second option would be best for financial reasons and duration of the party, but more clubs are able to attend the earlier option

Novice regatta and pub crawl

-On the day and evening of 28th November

-Current plans are to start in Camden and finish in the RUMS Union in central London for ease of freshers from all clubs returning home

-UH captains will inform other clubs of all the details within the next few weeks.

UH League

-Problem last year is that it was very difficult to compare and score different clubs

-Would work if all clubs entered all events but they don’t which makes it difficult

-Not weighted for club sizes which is a problem

-Many clubs say that they did not look much into it last year

-Suggestion to perhaps include individual categories or give clubs a bonus in the league if certain categories do well ie novices.

-Jerry is going to look into setting the league up again in a different way

-when this happens, club committees need to promote the league to their clubs and encourage them to participate or it will not work.

UH dinner date

-Options for dates are Sunday 6th or Saturday 12th

-Barts RVC and SGH want the 6th

-RUMS want the 12th

-ICSM GKT fine either way

-Decided on the 6th March – straight after UH head race

IV Any other business:

-RVC riggers being stolen – UH captains will distribute an email to all clubs

-Composition of UH club s first VIIIs – confirmation that 6/8 of first crews of the UH clubs had to be UH eligible except for bumps where it had to be all 8

-Novice sprints – if enough boats enter will be able to do an invitational category for those who are not UH ie UCL, KCL LSE etc, otherwise run as one event.

-Could converge categories at the end to 3 winners: UH, invitational and overall

-Insurance renewal for UH needs to happen in November and Jerry needs to provide a copy of the policy to the PLA as soon as possible

-All clubs ensure their coxes are all competent to go out on the tideway – this assessment of competency may need to be demonstrated. Novice crews in the regattas must be coxed by people with at least 30 hours experience of coxing on the Tideway (or equivalent).

-All clubs to recruit as many marshals as they can as soon as possible

-SUMSBC = Southampton University Medical School Boat Club – welcome to enter novice & winter sprints and UH head

-V Adjournment

-next UH meeting will be on Monday 23rd November, 7.30pm, location tbc

-Conclude on bumps date




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