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Meeting Minutes


 18th February 2013


Present: JM; UH Captains x 2; BL; RUMS; RVC; SGH; ICSM; GKT

Apologies for absence: RP

UHBC Head Race

50 crews have entered the head race, including a new entry from Westminster University. The womenís division will start at 14.15 and the menís at 16.15. JM expressed the importance of starting on time and that clubs will receive a time penalty if they boat or reach the marshalling area late.

The finish line for ALL crews will be at MAABC in both divisions.

Team Keane have a boating time from ULBH of 1pm which will conflict with the boating times for crews in division 1. UH Captains will speak to Paul Keane to try and work out a solution to ensure boating runs are smoothly and quickly as possible.


Race categories and UH eligibility

Following on from the 2nd meeting this year when it was agreed by all clubs have the first VIII entered in an event will row in the senior category, ICSM Intermediate women were moved up to the Senior Category.

UH Captains have already been asked by UH members if student cards can be checked at Bumps to ensure all rowers are UH eligible. Following discussion it was decided that as there are clubs who have members that are not UH eligible the first VIIIs for Bumps must be composed of rowers who are all UH eligible (i.e. medical, dentistry, veterinary, biomedical students).



All clubs were asked to provide as many marshals that they can, especially those who can drive a launch. There is currently still a shortage of marshals for the event.

The marshals meeting for division 1 will take place at 12pm in the UL Boat House.


UH Dinner

Despite previous capacity concerns the venue have agreed to fit all 274 people. Clubs were informed that the venue would like to serve food around 8pm so arrival around 7.30pm would be ideal as happy hour will still be happening.



The radios, megaphones and TEN for Bumps have been organised. UH Captains will begin organising the event and the Bumps party after the UHBC Head Race.


Crew dates

This year will take place on Wednesday 13th March. Further details to follow.


Henley Crews

UH Captains to begin looking into the possibility of submitting UH crews for Henley.


AOB: none


Date of next meeting: 19.30 on Thursday 9th May 2013 at Charterhouse Square.



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