UH Meeting 18/11/2013

Present: JM, UHBC captains x 3, RUMS, RVC, SGH,BL,ICSM,GKT


Novice Regatta

It was noted that there were a large number of entries. JM felt that the men’s invitational category should be restricted to 8 entries in order to facilitate the draw. UHBC to communicate with UCL regarding this.


Entries received from ICSM, BL, SGH, RUMS, RVC, GKT, KCL, QMU, UCL and ICBC. Entries were confirmed (MNInv 8+ = 8; WNInv 8+ 6; MN 8+ = 8; WN 8+ = 7) and the draw structure was confirmed. No problems with the draw structure were identified. The draw was then performed. Boat doubling was discussed. UHBC to create racing timetable with minimal clashes in initial races, JM to have final approval. Draw to be posted on the UH website by Thursday. On the day, racing will take place with the stream from 10:00 until 16:00. There will be a lunch break for one hour from 2pm around the predicted low water (2:09pm). Dusk is at 4:01pm.


Coxes’ meeting

It was agreed there should be a coxes' meeting at 08:30 in the small lounge at ULBH. Public transport appears to be working sufficiently well that morning. There were no problems identified by the clubs in the suitability of coxes, and there was confirmation of the minimum experience criteria (>30 outings on the Tideway).



UHBC will confirm roles and circulate the roster. Discussion about the various roles.

There will be a marshals meeting at 09:00 before the regatta.


Pub Crawl

The pub crawl will start from the boathouse after prizegiving. Advertising via email/facebook, with club captains to provide help.


UHBC Launch

UHBC can store one launch without racking fee per year which is used to support signage for the events. BLBC have offered the “tin can launch” SBA005 to be kept under this rule with UH. Currently, an unusable green RUMS launch is taking the space. It has been agreed that the RUMS launch will be disposed of and SBA005 will take its place. UH to liaise with BLBC with regards to insurance of the launch.


Allom Cup race fees

UHBC captains agreed to contact ULBC to discuss concerns.


Entry categories at the Winter Regatta

The definition of the Senior and Intermediate categories was brought up ahead of the Winter Regatta. It was noted that reliance on the possession of points does not help to sort boats in the UH clubs into ‘Senior’ and ‘Intermediate’.  After much discussion it was agreed that all 1st boats must be entered into their appropriate “Senior” category and any lower boats i.e. 2nd or 3rd boats must be entered into their appropriate “Intermediate” category irrespective of the possession of BR points.


Next meeting

The next UH meeting will be on Monday 20th January 2014 ahead of the Winter Regatta on the 26th. Captains are reminded that entries for the Winter Regatta are due by the UH meeting on 20th January. The usual boat classes for men and women in novice, intermediate and senior eights will be offered, with invitational and coxed four categories if there is interest. The entry fee should remain the same as last year.



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