Minutes UHBC AGM 02/10/2017

Present: RUMS, BL, SGH, GKT, ICSM, RVC, incoming UH captains, outgoing UH captains, President (Chair)

Apologies – Nil

Financial report 2016-17

UH is a non-profit making organisation with roughly a break-even position in the regattas. UH head was most profitable race assisted by the number of outside entries and Bumps the least (taking into account the outgoings for both the rowing and the party).

It is important to recognise that the balance held in the UH account is required for contingencies such as an event cancelled on the day which might lead to a substantial loss and so money must be held in the account to cover this.

There was an HRR scholarship offered this year.

The year-end position was confirmed and the percentage of the year profit reinvested in the club was agreed nem con.

Vote of thanks to the outgoing captains.

Election of officers for academic year 2018/19 – BL nem con.

Noted that ICSM are next in the rotation for 2019/20.

Constitution update

Proposed changes agreed nem con

Safety - noted that club safety audits need to be completed by 27th November. Race entries will not be accepted for the Novice regatta unless the audit is completed.

Discussion about navigation on the Tideway and clubs reminded to ensure all coxes are familiar with the Tideway code (link on website).


Novice Regatta: 3/12/2017

Includes two tide changes. Coxes must be experienced due to both the nature of the event (mainly beginner rowers) and the difficulties presented by the flood tide especially at the finish.

Entries by Wednesday 22/11/2017 £40 per crew

Pub Crawl: Post Novice regatta Pub Crawl - details will be confirmed nearer the time and shared to all Social Secretaries.

Bumps 2018

The dates for the Bumps will be the weekend of the 27th/28Th May 2018 – agreed by all clubs. Due to tides the racing is late – see website for full details. We aim to start the party as soon as racing ends.

Henley 2018

The performance of last year’s crews were noted. We wish to award a similar scholarship to a crew(s) this coming year with the aim to enter HWR or HRR. However it will only be awarded under the advisement of the Captains and the President based on the competitive potential of the crew/squad. A more comprehensive discussion can take place at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday 27/11/17 19:30 Guy’s Campus

The Agenda will be sent out closer to the time. The Novice regatta draw will be held as well as final details announced. If possible Fresher Captain(s) to attend.


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