United Hospitals Boat Club


Meeting Minutes


                                                                                                                                               19th November 2012


Present: JM; UH Captains; BL; RUMS; RVC; GKT; SGH; ICSM

Apologies for absence: None

Discussion of race categories and points system:

The issue of race categories and the points system was raised by ICSM and discussed at the meeting. ICSM suggested a points threshold for crews to be eligible to row in the Intermediate category. After a discussion it was decided between all clubs that all first boats will row in the Senior category. 2nd boats will be in the Intermediate categories and novice crews in the Novice category.

However if a 2nd boat is at the level where it would be beneficial to compete in the Senior category this is acceptable.

This requires an element of trust from all clubs when submitting crew entries.


Novice Regatta 25th November 2012:

The regatta was discussed and the draw took place which can be found on the UHBC website.

The race timetable has been emailed to all clubs.

Racing will begin at 9.45am with the marshals and coxes meetings taking place in the boat house at 8.45am. Races will take place approximately 8 minutes apart.

Prize giving will take place at the boat house after racing at approximately 4pm.

The pub crawl will take place around the Hammersmith area.


Annual Safety Audit:

The UH captains were reminded by JM to carry out the annual safety audit. All clubs were reminded to ensure their own safety audits are completed ASAP.


AOB: UH captains advised to push for external entries to the Winter Regatta and UH head.


Date of next meeting: 19.30 on Monday 21st January 2013 at Charterhouse Square.



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