United Hospitals Boat Club


Meeting Minutes


                                                                                                                                                            9th May 2013


Present: JM; UH Captains x 2; BL; RUMS; RVC; SGH; ICSM; GKT

Apologies for absence: RP

UHBC Bumps

All details for the event are on the UHBC website. Entries and crew orders were confirmed with all clubs.

All coxes must read the coxing information on the UH website regarding Bumps.

The Bumps Party will be starting around 6pm and will finish at 11.15pm to ensure everyone can make the last tube/train.



All clubs confirmed that all first VIIIs are UH eligible. Each 1st VIII and ICSM 2 will provide photocopies of all rowers and coxes student cards at Bumps.

The eligibility issue is to be discussed early in the year from now on once clubs have an idea of club and crew compositions.

All clubs agreed that rather than have a rule regarding eligibility it would be more suitable to have an agreement to preserve the ethos of the United Hospitals Boat Club.



Each club was asked to provide 4 marshals for each race in order to ensure equal marshalling responsibility.

The marshal plan will be sent out as soon as possible.

All marshals must read the marshalling information on the UH website regarding Bumps.


UH Captaincy

ICSM to elect UH captains-designate on Monday. They will be confirmed at the next UHBC meeting.


UHBC Novice Regatta November 2013

UHBC Novice Regatta 2013 will be held on the weekend of the 23/24th November.


Date of next meeting: 19.30 on Monday 7th October 2013 in Charing Cross (TBC).



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