Royal Veterinary College,

6/10/14. 7.30pm




Present: JM (UHBC), BY (UL), UHBC Captains,

 Representatives of the 6 clubs.


Apologies for absence: None


1.       Safety Issues

Reminder to all clubs to read the PLA’s safety document and tideway rules. (Document can be found on PLA’s website)

All coxes must be competent and fully understand the tideway code of practice, your club is responsible for the assessment.

There will be a coxes meeting prior to the Novice Regatta and the Allom Cup (UL), all coxes will need to be in attendance for the talk.

No novice coxes coxing novice crews in any of the local events (coxes need > 30hours experience)


2.       Proposal for UL League

The proposal of a University of London League was discussed which would include the 6 UH clubs, UCL, KCL,LSE, RHUL and QM

UL wants to improve rowing for athletes/students within University of London. UL has the aim to attract sponsors and improve entry into races, improve the level of competition within clubs and strengthen rowing at a student level. To also be a way to stabilise the fortunes of all clubs.

It is likely that some Medical school clubs will merge with the main college boat clubs.

There was considerable discussion; including:

·         Concern that the league won’t be weighted fairly for small clubs

·         Concern this might cause the structure of UH to dissolve. Discussion generally supportive of league as long as UH stays as a separate identity.

·         Mixing with non-medics in a league may be an unfair advantage to large clubs and clubs that can train more.

·         KCL would probably enter as KCL rather than GKT (excepting for the Bumps –outside of this proposal)

·         The proposal would not include the Bumps

·         Concern would it actually work?

There will need to be further work to ensure the points system is fair and takes into account the size of the club.

The point of the ERG test and BRIDGE run within the league is to attract potentially BUCS points to Colleges for the ERG test – potentially to become a regional BUCS test?

The Bridge run is for fun, could be taken seriously or not, depending on what the clubs prefer.

Vote– To adopt the proposal for an integrated league for a provisional period of this academic year. Agreed by 5 votes to 1.


3.       Novice Regatta

Date of Regatta confirmed as Sunday 23rd November 2014

Tide is expected to change twice (racing on ebb and flood)

Low Tide – 11.19, High Tide – 15.05

Dark at 16.02 (all races to be completed by 15:40)

Finals should take place on the ebb

Permission has been granted from PLA

Safety boat will be provided by RoSafe.

ENTRY DEADLINE FOR CREWS: Monday 17th November 2014, come to meeting with money and the draw will be made that evening.

JM will buy two new megaphones to replace broken ones for dedicated UH use.

Novice rowers are rowers with less than 1 term experience. All clubs are asked to advertise the race to all Novices to ensure a large number of entries.

UCL, LSE, RHBC, QM, IC, KCL – will compete in the invitational category.

Novice Pub crawl will start after the medal ceremony of the race. Details to be confirmed later.


4.       Confirmation of Race dates 2014-15

Allom Cup: Sunday 30th November 2014 (on EBB)

Winter Regatta:  Sunday 25th January 2015

UH Head Race/ Dinner: Saturday 28th February 2015


Agreed that the dates will be Friday 29th May – Sat 30th May 2015 with BUMPS party on 30th May.

5.       Finance

End balance for 2013-14 year noted (one outstanding credit of £45 to be written off).

Agreed that ICSM as host club for 2013-14 will receive a grant of

                                                [end balance 2013-14 – end balance 2012-13]/2

Starting balance for 2014-15 year noted


6.       Other business





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