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Note - sufficient room between UL buoy and restricted zone for turning; need to not obstruct other crews on stream causing them to back up into restricted zone. Crews in marshalling area need to be line astern. Caution with crews crossing course from ULBH (and also returning crews crossing back to ULBH). Start line is flag at UL (marked by red and white UH flags).


Note: crews must proceed line astern through restricted zone (winner goes first). Caution with potential conflict with the crossing point at the Ship; crews returning to UL must turn to Surrey before reaching the Ship Inn red buoy. The finish is 50 metres before the restricted zone.

Crews returning to UL must stay in the Surrey inshore zone until reaching the outfall shortly before UL, where they should then cross taking care to give way to all vessels on the stream (including other races).


  Note: Crews from ULBH going into marshalling area - ensure close to Surrey side BELOW the crossing. Do not impede other crews using the crossing. Do not proceed any further on the Surrey side. Marshalling must be line astern. Care required when turning onto the stream - potential conflict with external crews on the crossing.


Crews from TSS proceed to separate marshalling area on Middlesex side ABOVE the crossing. Do not impede other crews using the crossing. When instructed, crews must proceed against the stream and turn around the Bullís Alley green buoy. Care required when turning onto the stream - potential conflict with external crews on the crossing.



Note: care with crews crossing from ULBH to the marshalling area (not shown), crossing the course. Caution with the pier and wooden piles.

The strength of the stream and ability of the crew must be taken into account, and if there is any doubt, coxes should proceed on the stream through Kew Railway Bridge in accordance with CPRT, and turn when it is safe to do so (either between or beyond the restricted zones).  Crews must not turn, stop or cross in the Kew Restricted Zones.

Options if returning to UL:

a.         Turn to the Middlesex side before reaching the pier/wooden posts PROVIDED that there is sufficient room and the stream/wind conditions are suitable;

b.        Turn to the Surrey side around the UL buoy into the Surrey inshore zone PROVIDED it is safe to cross the fairway and then cross back across the fairway against the stream provided that it is safe to do so;

c.         Proceed through Kew railway bridge on the stream and then turn to the Surrey inshore zone between the Kew restricted zones PROVIDED it is safe to do so.

If returning to TSSC or downriver, crews should turn as per options (b) or (c) as appropriate and safe and keep in the Surrey inshore zone in accordance with CPRT.



The following diagram shows the course from UL to the flood start marshalling area when the flood tide is equivocal. This will usually be whilst waiting for the flood stream to become established. Bear in mind that the tide change goes up river so that there may be an equivocal tide direction at UL but the stream can be clearly on the flood at Chiswick Bridge.

Crews should cautiously proceed along the edge of the fairway observing the starboard (right hand) rule when the stream direction is equivocal, but be prepared to move to the in-shore zone if you encounter a definitive flood stream.



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