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It takes 30 minutes to get from 'hands on' at ULBH to being ready to race in the ebb marshalling area on the Surrey side opposite ULBH. Most of that time is not spent rowing...

It takes even longer to get to the flood marshalling area by the University post.


United Hospitals Novice Regatta 

Saturday 3rd December 2016 

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Please note that the London Borough of Hounslow Schools Regatta will be incorporated into this event (crews from Team Keane). Competitors are asked to look at the updated circulation pattern  andinstructionscarefully - there is likely to be increased congestion at/opposite ULBH mid to late morning.   The schools races are shown with the letter 'T' in the programme below.                             

Coxes briefing                                      07:50
Officials meeting                                   08:00
Team Keane briefing                            10:00

Low water at Kew Pier                        12:51
High water at Kew Pier                        16:49
Sunset                                                  15:53

Times of races:          

On ebb stream between                     09:00 12:50

On flood stream between                   14:10 - 15:30 

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Safety information
Captains must ensure that they only enter appropriately competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race. Captains must ensure that their crews must follow the standards for safety set out on the British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, and particularly the requirement at section 2.1 to wear personal floatation devices where competitors cannot demonstrate the ability to meet the swimming standard or there is a medical problem which presents a risk that the competitor may become unconscious or immobile. The weather in December can be wet and cold!

2016 timetable v3D (1.12.16)

Race Time Category Round Repechage Surrey Middlesex Outcome
Ebb racing
1 9:00 MN8 (beginner) H1 Race 20 Barts A ICSM A BL A
2 9:07 WN8 (beginner) H1 Race 18 Georges A QM SGH A
3 9:15 WN8 (beginner) H2 Race 18 Rums A GKT RUMS A
4 9:22 WN8 (beginner)  H3 Race 19  RVC A ICSM A RVC A 
5 9:30 WN8 (beginner)  H4 Race 19 ICSM B Barts A BL A
6 9:37 WN8 (beginner)  QF1 Race 31 KCL Rums B RUMS B Easily
7 9:45 WN8 (beginner)  QF2 Race 31 Barts A RVC B BL A
8 9:52 MN8 (beginner) QF1 * BL A ICSM B BL A 
10 10:00 MN8 (beginner) QF2 Race 20 Barts B Georges A SGH A
11 10:06 MN8 (Invitational) QF2 Race 23 LSE C KCL KCL
12 10:12 MN8 (beginner) QF3 Race 21 GKT RUMS A GKT
13 10:18 MN8 (Invitational) QF3 Race 23 QM UCL A UCL A
14 10:25 MN8 (beginner) QF4 Race 21 RVC A Georges B SGH B
15 10:32 MN8 (Invitational) SF1 Race 34 UCL C UCL B UCL B
16 10:40 WN8 (beginner)  QF1 SGH A  RUMS A RUMS A
T1 10:43 Yr7/8 girls 4x+ (F) CHS A KHS A #
17 10:50 WN8 (beginner)  QF2 RVC A BL A BL A
T2 10:53 Yr7/8 girls 4x+ (F) KHS H KHS B #
18 11:00 WN8 (beginner) Rep A QM GKT GKT
T3 11:03 Yr7/8 boys 4x+ (F) CHS B KHS C #
19 11:10 WN8 (beginner)  Rep B ICSM A ICSM B ICSM A
T4 11:13 Yr7/8 boys 4x+ (F) CHS C KHS D #
20 11:20 MN8 (beginner) Rep A ICSM A BL A ICSM A
T5 11:23 Yr7/8 boys 4x+ (F) WLFS B KHS E #
21 11:30 MN8 (beginner) Rep B RVC A RUMS A RVC A
T6 11:33 Yr7/8 boys 4x+ (F) CHS D KHS G #
23 11:40 MN8 (Invitational) QF LSE QM QM
T7 11:43 Yr7/8 boys 4x+ (F) KHS I KHS J #
24 11:50 WN8 (beginner) Rep B RUMS B RUMS A RUMS A 
T8 11:53 Yr11 MxdJ164x+ (F) CHS J KHS M #
25 12:00 WN8 (beginner) SF1 BL B BL A BL A
T9 12:03 Yr 9/10 boys 4x+ (F) WLFS D CHS I #
T10 12:07 Yr 9/10 J14 2x (F) KHS O CHS K #
26 12:10 MN8 (beginner) SF2 SGH A BL A BL A
T11 12:13 Yr9/10 girls 4x+ (F) WLFS C CHS E #
T12 12:21 Yr9/10 girls 4x+ (F) KHS K CHS F #
T13 12:24 Yr9/10 WJ14 2x (F) CHS L KHS N #
T14 12:30 Yr 9/10 boys 4x+ (F) T15 KHS L CHS H Loser T15
T15 12:40 Yr 9/10 boys 4x+ (F) LR T14 CHS G #
Flood racing
27 14:00 MN8 (beginner) SF2 GKT SGH B GKT
28 14:06 MN8 (Invitational) SF2 KCL UCL A KCL
29 14:12 MI8 (intermediate) SF Race 39 LSE A SGH SGH
30 14:18 MI8 (intermediate) SF Race 39 RUMS LSE B RUMS
31 14:25 WN8 (beginner) Rep C ** KCL RVC B  RVC B
32 14:32 WN8 (beginner)  Rep Final GKT ICSM A  GKT
33 14:39 MN8 (beginner) Rep Final ICSM A RVC A ICSM A
34 14:46 MN8 (Invitational) Rep Final UCL C QM QM
35 14:53 WI8 (intermediate) Final Georges RUMS RUMS
36 15:00 MN8 (Invitational) Final UCL B KCL KCL
37 15:07 MN8 (beginner) Final BL A GKT BL A
38 15:15 WN8 (beginner) Final RUMS A BL A RUMS A
39 15:22 MI8 (intermediate) Rep Final LSE A LSE B NR
40 15:30 MI8 (intermediate) Final SGH RUMS SGH
Please ensure that all competitors are suitably dressed for the weather
Races in yellow - competitors risk disqualification if late 
* no repechage possible due to complexity of the draw
** orphan repechage, no progression due to complexity of the draw
# no progression due to the complexity of the draw (to be confirmed on the day)

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