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United Hospitals Timetrials – November 2019

Crews will be started in three groups in order:

  1. Those crews sharing a boat and needing to hand over to another crew
  2. Those crews not sharing a boat
  3. Those crews who have had to wait for a boat from another crew

There will not be a set order for starting crews once the time trial is in progress.

  • Standard regatta circulation pattern throughout time trial
  • Rolling starts not standing starts please
  • Starter will name crew and say ‘go’ in advance of the timing line
  • Crews should proceed in accordance with standard navigation on the fairway
  • Crews being overtaken should allow the faster crew to take the centre of the fairway
  • Crews will be timed over the regatta course (from the UH flag at UL to the UH flag at MAA)

Ebb navigation pattern:

  • Ebb marshalling area – Surrey side around UL buoy, LINE ASTERN
  • After the finish crews should proceed without stopping through Chiswick Bridge and then turn promptly, returning to UL as usual in the Surrey inshore zone until reaching the second storm drain and then crossing over the fairway if it is safe to do so.

Flood navigation pattern (if required)

  • Flood marshalling area – below SHIP on Surrey side (except crews from TSS who will stay on Middlesex)
  • Crews turn and proceed upriver through Chiswick Bridge
  • At the finish (UL) crews must wind down promptly
  • Crews must follow the finish marshal’s instructions
  • The usual pattern for navigation will be to turn to Surrey around the UL buoy and then back to Middlesex (the ‘figure of eight’) in order to return to UL.


United Hospitals Autumn Regatta & Allom Cup

Next event 
Saturday 28th November 2020

this will incorporate the Novice Regatta and the Allom Cup and all categories will be offered
We hope to run this regatta which would probably
account for 50% of regattas in the UK this year...
Crews from local clubs on the Tideway will be welcomed if we are able to run
We will publish an update by 8th November
This event will be held subject to current legislation and guidance, including BR guidance at phase G or H
The format of this event will differ from usual in order to adhere to current coronavirus requirements, including:
strict boating times, use of time trials, keeping crews on water with progression in a 'wave' format, very limited doubling up etc
Sorry - no spectators please at UL, TSS or Chiswick Bridge

UH Autumn Regatta (incorporating Allom cup)[1]

Saturday 28.11.20

Reserve date[2]

Sunday 6.12.20

Winter Regatta[3]

Sunday 17.1.21

High water

Chiswick Bridge



Low water

Chiswick Bridge




High water

Chiswick Bridge








Officials’ meeting




Times of races

Ebb stream

09:00 – 13:30

10:00 – 14:10

Flood stream

09:30 – 13:15

14:30 – 15:20

15:15 – 16:00

Ebb stream

13:45 – 15:25


[1] Likely to offer all events this year

[2] Reserve date

[3] Date TBC


Saturday 30th November 2019

Summary of regatta winners from 2009

Captains must ensure that they only enter competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race. Captains must ensure that their crews must follow the standards for safety set out on the British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, and particularly the requirement at section 2.1 to wear personal floatation devices where competitors cannot demonstrate the ability to meet the swimming standard or there is a medical problem which presents a risk that the competitor may become unconscious or immobile. The weather in December can be wet and cold! Captains must ensure that they only enter appropriately competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race. Captains must ensure that their crews must follow the standards for safety set out on the British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing.
Information for competitors Course maps - regattas

Time Race Event Round Rep UH Surrey Middlesex Outcome Distance
09:00 1 WS4+ QF RUMS QM RUMS 5L
09:10 3 WI4+ SF SGH KCL A SGH 1 3/4L
09:15 4 WI4+ SF RHUL UCL UCL E
09:20 5 WS8+ QF RVC ICSM RVC 1L
09:28 6 WS4+ SF RUMS LSE RUMS 2L
09:35 7 MS4+ SF QM SGH SGH 2L
09:40 8 MS8+ QF ICSM UCL UCL 2 3/4L
09:45 9 MS8+ QF KCL B LSE LSE 5L
09:50 10 WS4+ SF KCL UCL UCL 2 1/2L
09:55 11 MS8+ QF RVC KCL A KCL A 2 /12L
10:00 12 WI8+ SF LSE RUMS RUMS 1 1/2L
10:06 13 MI4+ SF SGH BL BL 3/4L
10:12 14 WS8+ SF RVC RUMS RUMS Placed
10:18 15 WS8+ SF KCL UCL UCL 1L
10:24 16 MS8+ SF LSE UCL LSE 1 1/4L
10:29 17 MS8+ SF KCL A RUMS A RUMS 1/2L
10:34 18 WS4+ F UCL RUMS UCL 2 1/2L
10:40 19 MI4+ F BL ICSM ICSM 2/3L
10:50 20 WI8+ F RUMS ICSM RUMS E
10:55 21 MI8+ F UCL LSE UCL 2L
11:00 22 WI4+ F Rep KCL RHUL KCL A 2 1/4L
11:05 23 WS4+ F Rep QM KCL A QM RO
11:10 24 MS4+ F RUMS SGH RUMS 1/2L
11:15 25 WI4+ F UCL SGH UCL 3/4L
11:20 26 MS4+ F Rep RHUL QM RHUL 4L
11:25 27 WS8+ F Rep ICSM RVC Final Scr
11:30 28 WS8+ F RUMS UCL RUMS 1 1/4L
11:35 29 MS8+ F Rep UCL KCL A UCL 5L
11:40 30 MS8+ F LSE RUMS LSE 1 1/4L
12:15 31 Novice 8 TT All novice crews Races 32-44
FLOOD LW 12:46 CB Flood at UL 13:30
14:06 32 WN8 G LSE ICSM C LSE 5L
14:12 33 WN8 F QM ICSM B QM 2 1/2L
14:18 34 MN8 F BL A BL B BL A 5L
14:24 35 MN8 E LSE A RHUL RHUL E
14:30 36 WN8 E RVC A KCL A RVC A E
14:36 37 WN8 D RUMS UCL A UCL A E
14:42 38 MN8 D KCL B ICSM ICSM 5L
14:48 39 WN8 AB SF UCL B RVC UCL E
15:00 41 MN8 AB SF LSE B KCL A KCL A 5L
15:05 42 MN8 AB SF UCL QM UCL E
15:10 43 MN8 C RUMS SGH SGH 2 1/2L
15:15 44 WN8 C BL B SGH SGH 1L
15:20 45 WN8 Final UCL B ICSM A UCL B 3L
15:25 46 MN8 Final KCL A UCL KCL A 2 1/2L





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