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UHBC Timetrial Start order

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United Hospitals Time Trial

Competitors instructions 




High water Kew Road bridge


First crew boating at ULBH


Wave 1 - crews where doubling occurring (spaced by approximately a minute)


Wave 2 - most crews (approximate, minute intervals)


Wave 3 - approximate - crews where doubling has occurred (from wave 1)


Crews return to ULBH

  1. Racing in accordance with British Rowing rules.
  2. Safety paramount: each club and cox is responsible for ensuring that their boat is safe (including heel restraints, buoyancy compartments and coxes’ buoyancy aids).
  3. All coxes must have adequate coxing experience on the Tideway
  4. In the case of emergency officials will follow the emergency action plan. In general if a rower or cox enters the water it is important that they stay with the boat unless there is obvious danger. If you are in the water be careful to avoid the launch engine.
  5. The Code of Practice for Rowing on the Tideway (CPRT)[1] applies at all times.
  6. Captains must ensure that all coxes are aware of the marshalling system and course.
  7. There may be changes in the racing format or marshalling system due to the conditions which will be announced prior to boating – these may include curtailment of the course at either start or finish, or, exceptionally, the race may be held in the flood direction. If there are significant changes to the format then there will be a specific coxes’ meeting held immediately prior to the race.

Going to the marshalling area

  1. Ensure that you boat in good time from UL and even earlier from TSSC (i.e. for the slower female crews 60 minutes and the slower male crews 45 minutes before race time). Time penalties will be awarded if you arrive in the marshalling area after start time.
  2. Follow the standard rules of navigation at all times as set out in CPRT in particular observing the Syon Crossing at Isleworth Ferry Gate in the usual fashion against the stream.
  3. Proceed upriver on Middlesex until you reach the marshalling area.

Marshalling and the start

  1. Crews will marshal line astern. Keep paddling up to maintain your position relative to the bank. Marshal line astern. Remember the rights of other river users. Keep as close to the Middlesex bank as possible during marshalling.
  2. Await the marshals instructions before proceeding to turn, making sure you keep paddling up against the stream to maintain your position and when asked to turn ensure that the river is clear before you start to manoeuvre and that you end up in the starboard aspect of the channel parallel to the bank as shown in the course maps.
  3. Crews should stay on the starboard side of the river when proceeding to the start. Do not overtake other crews before you pass the start line.
  4. Crews intending to land and have a ‘bumps’ style start must ensure that they slow down well before the landing area and keep their stern right into the Surrey bank. Please refer to http://www.uhboatclub.co.uk/landing_at_the_start_25.html . They will be caught by the shore party at about stake 22-24. Crews will be started from the bank with a short countdown which may start at about 20 seconds (e.g. the count down will be ‘20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 -----Go’). A klaxon may be used instead of the word ‘go’. Crews must ensure that they have sufficient depth of water on bow side to enable all blades to be buried in the water (especially number 7) at the start.
  5. Crews intending to have a conventional start (either standing or rolling) should stay out away from the bank in the start area. You will be told by the starter: ‘crew x: go’.
  6. The race will be timed from the bows passing the start line marked by white UH flags. Crews will be set off at approximately 1 minute intervals.

The race

  1. During the race, remember the rights of other river users at all times. Watch for other crews crossing against the stream at Syon, Brentford Lock and UL.
  2. Competitors must follow the Tideway Code at all times. You must steer a course as far to the starboard (i.e. Surrey) aspect of the fairway as possible in accordance with CPRT, leaving sufficient room to avoid conflict with any boats travelling against the stream in the Surrey in-shore zone.
  3. Overtaking should be done in as short a time possible. The overtaking crew must proceed to the Middlesex side of the slower crew BUT ensure that the overtaking crew does not encroach into the port aspect of the fairway during this manoeuvre. Once the overtaking boat has passed the slower boat, it must regain the Surrey side as soon as possible.
  4. Overtaking is not allowed in the restricted zones at Kew Road and Kew Rail bridges.
  5. You MUST pass through the starboard aspect of the centre span of Kew Road Bridge and the starboard aspect of the main span of the Railway Bridge (marked by the orange lights) – see the course maps. Any crew not doing so will be disqualified.

The finish

  1. The finish is where the bows pass the finish line.
  2. After the finish: Crews returning to ULBH must turn to Middlesex promptly in accordance with the map provided. Crews returning to other boathouses must follow the Tideway Code.

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