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 United Hospitals Bumps Races
Held annually on the Tideway since 1954
Sunday 24th & Monday 25th May 2020
(subject, of course, to an improvement in the current national situation regarding COVID 19. We will follow all relevant PHE and other guidance)
We will review the situation by 1.5.20

The United Hospitals Bumps are held between Brentford Lock/Syon Crossing and the University of London Boathouse/MAABC

There is a variation in navigation for all oared boats against the stream at Brentford lock (local rules approved by the PLA)
Please follow this
link regarding navigating around the PLA moorings

The races will be held between the Syon Pavilion and Chiswick Bridge, with the tide in the navigational channel. The river will remain open at all times during the event. There will be the following temporary changes to the rowing code:

The rowing crossing point at Syon (for all oared boats) will be moved to a temporary position off Brentford Lock
As and when it is safe to do so competitors may overtake in the restricted zones
As and when it is safe to do so competitors may follow the racing line.

A bump is defined as boat, blade or person touching boat, blade or person.

A technical bump is defined as bows past bows.

The start is marked by the three minute, one minute and start klaxons 

The finish is when the sternpost of each boat passes the finish flag at ULBH (women's) or MAABC (men's crews).

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